The secret of turning a non-paid design customer into a paid design customer project 🇺🇸 | by Vanodhya Oshadhi | Nov, 2022

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How can a UX designer turn a challenge into an opportunity? Redesign for a B2B web-based (SaaS) Dashboard

This was a redesign project and is the first project in which we introduced design systems successfully. My first success story as an Associate UX designer and as the first designer in the company. Worked on this project, in 2019 for a period of 5 months.

An enterprise business analytics framework that is used by businesses to visualise their business data by connecting to their existing sales/operational system or databases and visualize millions of data points crucial to the operations of medium-sized organizations.

Before I started working on this project, techies contributed to the project in terms of designing the features. The initial project was designed without any UX consultation, and the number of hours spent in designing was considered non-billable. Hence, it was necessary to show the value of great design and convince the customer.

Therefore, as the UX designer, I started working on a revamp as a side project from my personal hours as the USA client has not yet invested or was convinced to spend on the UX /UI Designing stage.

B2B dashboard ui designs

1. Conducted a UX Audit

As a first step, I conducted a UX Audit for the existing web and mobile app to identify existing UX issues. To identify issues did a course in Interaction Design Foundation to learn about the best practices when designing dashboards and also did Guerrilla usability testing with 1 teammate who is familiar with the project and another teammate who is not familiar with the interaction patterns used in the navigation to understand whether the interaction patterns are easily understandable (Measured no. of errors and time it takes to navigate).

Based on the learnings from the detailed IDF course, user testing results, and the knowledge gained from the HexUI Course on the topic of designing Design Systems started working on this project revamp as a side project.

Presentation slide on key steps to design a dashboard
Presented the findings from the UX audit to convince the reporting manager and management of time application for the side project

2. Some of the Key UX and UI improvements suggested based on the findings

Tabbed navigation to avoid long scrollable dashboards
Design Suggestions
usability navigation issue
Design Suggestions

3. A design guideline was shared with the implementation consulting team to follow when setting up dashboards with best design practices…

After the Demo presentation client said “Superb work, we should develop this! Clean design ❤️

4. Some parts of presented Design System

design systesm
who are the users

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