10 Figma Plugins I Use to design faster 🤫 | by Vikalp Kaushik | Jan, 2023

There are countless plugins. You can use them to strengthen your process and give your project greater functionality.

However, there are so many of them that it could be difficult for you to find the ones that are best for your project.

The following is a list of my top 10 favorite plugins, which can help you design more quickly.

Clean up and automatically organize your Figma document. Removes all hidden layers and single-layer groups with no background, blend mode, effect, or export setting from the selection or the active page.

Rounds to the nearest pixel the X and Y position and dimensions of layers and intelligently renames layers on the current page or within the selection.

Sort layers by their X and Y positions while keeping the layers’ relative stacking order on the page, either within the selection or on the current page.

Looking for logo inspiration for your next awesome project on Figma?

No need to go outside and scout around for it—we’ve got you covered right here, thanks to the Logo Creator plugin, which features prebuilt collections of logos.

Browse the plugin and choose the best logo, or create one using various components.

Find and correct mistakes in your designs for nothing.

Design Lint detects missing styles across all of your layers in your designs. By removing discrepancies, you can make sure that your designs are prepared for development or design collaboration.

As you correct mistakes, Design Lint will update automatically while it’s running. In your design, selecting a layer by clicking on it also selects that layer.

Finding faults on your own takes more time and effort than quickly moving between each one.

To add dummy text to your text layers, generate “Lorem ipsum.” Click “Generate” after selecting all the text layers you wish to generate “Lorem ipsum” for; it will generate separately for each layer.

Create many instances of your shapes, text layers, groups, and frames. When you need to generate columns and/or rows in a particular container without having to manually compute the size, it can be handy.

One or more photographs can have their backgrounds removed at once. It functions on mobile devices and is free.

Choose a single image, a group of images, or just anything you have on canvas. From the Plugins menu, launch the Background Remover.
Get pictures with no backgrounds, but keep the size and quality of the original picture.

Add stunning photos directly from Unsplash to your creations. The Unsplash License permits unrestricted usage of photos for both professional and private endeavors.

Rounding everything will assist you in rounding the numbers of your shapes, which will aid in handoff and consistency.

Ensure that a decent portion of the market is covered by your mobile designs! Viewports will allow you to adjust the size of one or more selected frames to fit your preferred device. Simple!

Just as in a text editor, look for certain texts on your website and replace them. You can use the text content or layer name to search for things on your website. Click the… button next to each area for more options.

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