Neuronets in Design. Is this even possible? | by The Room | Mar, 2023

Is this even possible?

Neuronet is a common world for modern people. Nowadays, we talk about brain activity more and more often, trying to understand how to become more productive and make our brains work better. Well, neurones are one of the key definitions in this area. First of all, this is a connection that happens between two or more neurons when some new idea, ability, event or knowledge is achieved. In UI/UX design neuronets may be met all the time: from teamwork and up to the well-known patterns in the interface that we all depend on.

Unsplash image by Milad Fakurian

Do you know, that when we meet people and start communicating with them this feeling of “i understand you” means, you start having neuronets?

The more we talk to each other, the more and the tighter neuronet we have. Common jokes, patterns and uses lead to the “sticker” between us and another person that exists in our brains. This sharing of common vision and local jokes can also be called a neuronet.

When a designer is working with an art director, it is very important to allow them some time and see if they are making any connections. If yes, this designer will most likely start having a neuronet with an art director and their “I understand you from one word” will become more and more profitable for business.

At the same time, there may be neuronets between designers and clients. Have you met those people, who seem to be ready to have a call and when? They are more likely to have tighter neuronets with those they speak to and that is why chatting and calls bring more understanding to the project.

Design is built on patterns and not a designer invents something new from the scratch. However, patterns are neuronets we all like.

There is always a pattern: the flow of registration can not happen in the upside-down order or the home page can not look like FAQ since it will not be effective. These patterns or expectations we have about certain niches, like Fintech or online banking and certain websites, like having a contact form or a home page, appear to be a great neuronet.

Global neuronets appear thanks to the international trends and best practices. For example, there are some key influencers on the market like Apple, Spotify, Netflix, and Airbnb — they remain trendsetters and all the users who use these apps have the same neuronet with the patterns set in design.

That means if you start working on the project you need to find out more details about the client and target audience to understand the neuronet they share and win their love and trust with your design applying similar patterns. One way or another you will be using references for the design — use proper ones

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