The Daily UX Writing Challenge. Back in my school days, English grammar… | by Rakshit JV

Thought Process

Starting off with the name of the app — I combined two words — Bill and List. An that keeps a list of your bills to be paid on time automatically. For splash screen — a subtle caption was needed to express the app’s identity and brand. Since its functionality is to pay bills on time without any human intervention, your billing partner sounded right to me.

Onto the second screen, I had to compliment the illustration with the right words. If the illustration depicted the list of bills it would keep track of, the words had to explain what will be done with it.

Scrolling down, I planned on representing how easy it was to set up the app and profile. Emphasizing on numbers, I was letting the user know that it is a 3- step process. Visual cue like a link/chain/sequence helped. A button to get them started was the end of the on-boarding screens. The user should have the ability to skip the on-boarding screen and that was included too.


I now have a better sense of what words need to be used when and where while designing toast messages, pop-ups, success and failure messages keeping in mind the situation the given persona is in.

I strongly believe designers should equip themselves with this skill and put an end to Lorem-ipsum texts because design needs to revolve around content and not the other way round. Designs can be beautiful but just imagine what users will have to go through if the right message is not conveyed at the right time. Well, after-all Writing is designing.

What do you think?

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