USING POLARIZATION TO MITIGATE IT | by Sabela Domínguez | Jun, 2023


Using the SCAMPER technique, we arrived at the following solution:

In order to make this happen, our business model would rely on three key collaborators:

1. Team of experts

A team of four conflict resolution professionals that would be responsible for managing the sessions. They would also need to specialise in sign language in order to make our service as inclusive as possible.

Additionally, we would collaborate with two partners whose methodologies and games we would incorporate:

A tabletop card game with thought-provoking questions about self-perception and others.

A YouTube channel with 8 million subscribers that produces videos promoting discussion and challenging stereotypes with dynamics such as “Middle ground” or “Spectrum”. Collaborating with Jubilee would allow us to reach a wide audience already familiar with their platform, increasing the likelihood for people to recognise our games and be more willing to participate.

We would create a minimalistic website where our service would be offered for it to be hired.

It is aimed at both public and private spaces and it could be hired by; public institutions, schools, private companies and more.

In an increasingly globalised world it is essential to learn how to live and collaborate with people from different countries and cultures, making this type of service highly valuable.

The service is divided into three game areas or stations drawn from our collaborators. They are designed to be simple and fully adaptable to any space, whether it’s a shopping center, a busy street, or an office.

Game stations

The name of our service is “The intersection Point”, it symbolises all those meeting points and the common ground we share, even in our differences.

The logo will be represented by the acronym TIP (a piece of advice) in tune with the facilitating aspect of the project.

Name and Logo

For the color scheme, we took inspiration from a deck of cards from an old game, since card games represent spaces of community, leisure and debate. However, we wanted to give it a more modern look, so we opted for vibrant and luminous tones.

Color foundation

Orange and black will be the main colors for the brand. Orange, according to color psychology, primarily represents joy, enthusiasm, and fun, appealing to the playful aspect of the service.

On the other hand, blue which would be our secondary color inspires security and trust, and it is related to the educational part of it.

As for the base colors, we selected white and a light cream that evokes tranquility and balance, which is the objective we aim to achieve in mitigating polarization.

By using this color combination, we ensure double AA on accessibility.

Like we’ve mentioned before steaming away from traditional education aesthetics was one of our objectives and that’s why we created a high fidelity prototype. We aimed for clean and minimalistic aesthetics with no room for distractions, whilst maintaining a playful element to it. The illustrations were specifically made for this project by my colleague Carlos Moreno.

This is what we came up with 🤗

Landing page

The website starts with a landing page featuring a hero section that explains the main objective of the service.


In the games&methodologies section the aesthetic is aligned with the playful aspect, using cards to discovered the methodologies.

Who? Part I

This section explains who the service is aimed at, both public and private spaces as we previously mentioned.

Who? Part II

This section gives some information about our team of facilitators that we could explore more in depth when clicking the “learn more” button on each facilitators card.


And lastly here we can see how the adaptable game stations would work. It would be a very simple setting of a few chairs and tables, the card decks and some lines on the floor for our Spectrum dynamic. The idea is for the game stations to maintain the brand’s style.

Let’s see what the interactive prototype would look like:

What do you think?

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