Sky Sports UX design-Case Study. Case Study: | by Varsha Pammi | Aug, 2023

Case Study:


The year is 2030. Space tourism is booming, and Sky has joined forces with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to be its first in-flight entertainment partner aboard its spacecraft ‘Starship’.

Journeying to the moon and back takes six days, so there’s plenty of time for space tourists to catch up on the latest films, TV shows and watch live sporting events — all streamed in glorious 8k via satellite frequency.

Your challenge

You are new to Sky and haven’t used the service before, but you enjoy watching most films, TV shows and sport.

We are not asking you to design the full in-flight app — focus on designing either onboarding, content discovery or the player experience.

To keep the design grounded (pardon the pun), assume the input device will be a phone which can connect to a display.

Think about the year and how technology might have moved on.

What could streaming look like in five years’ time, for example?

What we’d like to see

Your full thought process — how you think, your sketches, wireframes and journey flows.

Show your sketches, ideas you have rejected, anything you have.

The final UX Design (wireframes are fine) — we like to see attention to detail.

A prototype presented in the tool of your choice.

This design challenge should take you a couple of evenings to complete but do spend more time on it if you need to.

What do you think?

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