Get the “Yes”: 7 tips for validating your design with clients | by Tamila Zamotailo | Aug, 2023

Design diplomacy or how to avoid the endless revisions

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It all starts with a meeting where you chat with the client, the project owner, or a business analyst. They share the problem they want to solve.

Then, you get down to work — sketching out ideas, making wireframes, tweaking them again and again. Sometimes, your Figma page looks like a total mess. Ultimately, you pick the best design and proudly show it to the client.

But hold up. Things go differently than planned.

The client doesn’t like it.

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They say, “Nah, not feeling it.” They find it boring, maybe too plain. They want more vibrancy, less empty space. They even suggest the button goes on the left, and they want a bold red banner right at the centre, screaming about their random link.

So, what do you do next?

Well, you don’t need to panic.

Your capacity to communicate about your design is often more important than the design itself. Let’s make it clear: quite often, a designer is forced to make the modifications he disagrees with just because he couldn’t explain why he did what he did and stood up for his design choices.

Let’s see how to deal with this.

1. “Don’t fall in love with your design”

My mentor gave me this advice several years ago, and I can not stress enough how much this mindset has eased my life as a designer.

You need to realise that for every user issue, there can be multiple solutions. Some are better, some could be better but are acceptable, and some can go against all UX/UI principles. Let’s hope that you can spot those last ones a mile away.

The degree of “perfection” in design solutions can depend on various factors — from the use case and potential user category to the budget of the project and the level of developers involved.

What do you think?

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